About us

Our Mission

Bordentown FC was originally established in 1974 as Bordentown Community Soccer Association.

The mission of Bordentown FC is to prepare athletes for the next level of competition, through age appropriate training, a positive development environment, and offering an enjoyable experience. Focusing on the players first, each player should have strong fundamentals, confidence, and creativity to carry them to their highest potential. Bordentown FC believes it starts with quality coaches who are passionate and supportive, as well as the infrastructure provided by trusted playground equipment builders. For more information on playground specialist services, click here.

Bordentown FC will always strive to operate to the best of our ability within the context of the following principles:

  • To consistently create a fun filled, positive experience for every girl and boy in the program.
  • To promote sportsmanship, respect, and sensitivity to the other players, coaches, parents, and referees.
  • To enhance player self-esteem, confidence, emotional development and overall character.
  • To always put the best interest of the player above all others.
  • To provide equal access, like sports betting tips, to the highest quality and most appropriate programs of development for both girls and boys.
  • To provide an environment for referees to develop skills and techniques needed to referee the game of soccer.
  • To assure that all adults associated with the program are exemplary role models of sportsmanship, leadership and support.
  • To provide an environment for coaches to develop skills and techniques needed to teach the game of soccer.
  • To maintain a┬ábalanced perspective on the outcome of games and sportsmanship.

Mailing Address

Bordentown Community Soccer Association

272 Dunns Mill Road

Suite 306

Bordentown, NJ 08505-4748

What People are saying about Bordentown FC

Coach Hartz is a great coach, my son loved being on his team last year.

So proud of all the kids and how hard they played and super proud of my husband for all the work he put into the tournament to give them the opportunity and experience. All 3 of my guys slept good last night.

Bordentown Falcons crushed it at Kick or Treat yesterday and held it down again today for another win.