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Recreation Information

Fall Registration

Registration is open from May to August 15, 2018. Our recreational soccer program is open to all Bordentown, and surrounding area, and provides a fun and instructional environment for boys and girls to learn and play soccer. Your child's division is determined based on year of birth.


Those who are in grades age 3-17 may participate.


$45.00 Early Registration (May - July 15th)

$65.00 Regular Registration (July 16th - July 31st)

$90.00 Late Registration (July 31st - August 15th)

$90.00 + $30.00 Late Fee = $120.00 (After August 15th)

Work Bond

There is a $25.00 "Work Bond" per family. Your money will be refunded to you after the season, as long as you have completed your services for the league (e.g. field lining, field set-up, field tear down, garbage duties and general maintenance.)


There is a Raffle for the 2018 Recreational Soccer Program. $50.00 per child, $100.00 Family Max or a $45.00 Buyout per child $90.00 Family Max

Games and Practices

The season will begin on September 8th, 2018. Majority of the games are played on Saturdays. Game times and locations may vary. Our younger teams (Peewee and Miniball) will play their games at Friendship Fields. Be advised there may be Friday Night Games or Practices under the lights at Friendship Fields.

No Special Requests

Teams are put together based on your child's year of birth. Since there are over 350 registered children, special requests cannot be accepted. Registrations received after the deadline will automatically be placed on a waiting list and assigned to teams on an as-needed basis. We can not guarantee what coach you get, where or when practices will be, who your teammates will be, or what time your games will be.


Participants must provide their own shin guards and wear them to all practices and games. All jewelry is prohibited. Uniform t-shirts are provided for all players and must be worn for all games.


Peewee and miniball are 'Coed' (boys and girls).


The coaches meetings will be on (TBD). Coaches and volunteers are always needed!


No refunds

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
Registration Fall Recreation is closed, but if you are interested in registering your child for the 2018 Rec season please email:

Erin Bender for Peewee and Miniball
Ron Carr for Midlands

Thank you