Bordentown FC

Recreation Information

This is an all volunteer organization and we rely on parents/guardians to coach and assist:

Registration typically begins in Spring (April) and the earlier you register, the less it costs you
Registration typically closes the end of July
Children must be at least three years old to play
Teams are typically created by mid-August
Mid-August is when practices typically begin
Clinics are provided by professional trainers to teach parents/volunteers games and activities
Teams typically practice once a week, but the volunteer coaches set that schedule with team
Games are on Saturdays at Friendship Field for peewee and miniballers, older teams play in the Midlands
Peewee is pre-k 3 to kindergarten
Miniball is primarily first and second graders, but based on birth years
Midlands has a separate website
Team shirts are provided to players and coach
Players should wear cleats and shin guards
Players should bring water and a ball ball (sizes vary based on age, check with coach or Board member)
The season lasts approximately 11 weeks
Recreation soccer is supposed to be fun
Travel soccer exists for those who would like to pursue a more competitive experience (begins age 7)

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        Registration for Fall 2018 Travel Season - Coming soon

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